Core values

About Stroop Club and their core values: sustainability, no bullish#t and real connections.
Chantal in front of a wall holding a stroop club stroopwafel package

Real connections

Back home in Rotterdam on the wall next to my front door it said: 

In this house you’ll find no strangers, just friends you’ve never met before.

You might as well replace “this house” with “this world”. Sharing is caring! This goes for your stories, your smiles and obviously our stroopwafels. They help you make true connections in this fast, weird digital world. 

That is why there’s two in one package: Let our stroopwafels be your tool to turn a stranger into a friend. Or at least to have a chat with someone. Or to have that stranger simply enjoy your smile the moment you take that first bite. 


Stroopwafels were invented almost 300 years ago in Gouda (smart folks over there, they also did the cheese and the candles) using leftover dough scraps to avoid food waste. 

In this spirit we continue the journey with our 100% plant based products, palm oil free and only organic ingredients, our search for compostable materials, a plastic free household and by using 100% post-consumer recycled or reused and reusable packaging & shipping materials. 

We’re also proud Ambassadors for The Rainforest Partnership. Part of our revenues are donated to this amazing organization!

No bullsh#t

We’re too Dutch for sugar coating and fake marketing stories.

We have sarcasm and cynicism in our DNA. 

We might even come across as rude, but we just simply don’t beat around the bush. We won’t sell or tell you bullsh#t. Period.

Your club

We are proud not to have customers or accounts or formal job titles.  That sounds way too corporate and impersonal and certainly not fun. Instead, we have members and you’re one of them. 

You don’t even have to buy our stroopwafels to be part of our club: Just be nice! 

Be inclusive, be kind, share your stories, take care of our planet and make real connections. That’s what it’s all about, that’s our dream, to have a community of awesome, accepting, stroopwafel lovers all over the US. 

So enough about us.  It’s time for you to join the Club and to #stroopitup!

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