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Traditional, not traditional snacking

VEGAN? No éggs?? No bútter???

"These can't be real stroopwafels!" Is what traditionalist scream in terror. "Stroopwafels should be made with butter and eggs, thát's the tradition!" Is what conservationists yell out in horror.

Right... Tradition also prohibited women from voting and all kinds of other things we gladly left behind. And in actual tradition, we would still only be eating roots, seeds and fruits.
Who'd want to go back to thát?

Nobody. We thought so.

So let's move forward! How about snacking something super delicious, in the traditional flavors, textures, looks and smells. In the traditional way of eating, the joy of sharing, which you know so well from your visits to your grandma in the weekends... AND as an added bonus feeling good with just plant based, clean, organic and ethical ingredients?

Welcome to the Stroop Club, where we don't compromise on traditional flavors and texture or on Mother Nature's resources.

Just a little detour

Yep... We're completely out of our minds: Bringing an American stroopwafel brand to Dutch stroopwafel soil! But hey... Mind you, we're actually Dutch ourselves, we have stroopwafels in our DNA, we're merely coming back to our roots!

Born and raised in the Netherlands, we moved to the USA in 2015 to experience one big adventure. We started Stroop Club to make friends, to share something of our own Dutch culture in a country which was brand new to us. We didn't know anything about the land, it's culture, the people, laws... But we knew we had to build our company bétter, cleaner and more sustainable than anyone else. Just because we think it's our responsibility. And if we can do it. Anyone can.

We only use organic, sustainably sourced and plant based ingredients. We package in backyard compostable cellophane and 100% post consumer recycled cardboard. We ship carbon neutral.

We offer our delicious traditional Dutch stroopwafels all over the USA, Canada and Mexico. But hey.... Ya'll here back in Europe deserve the same.

  • Make your favorite hot drink, like coffee, tea or vegan hot chocolate

  • Warm up your stroopwafel on your cup

  • Enjoy this delicious treat!

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